Brazilian biotech receives investment from The Yield Lab Latam to expand its operations in the biological market

The Yield Lab Latam joins forces with Vesper, MOV, Baraúna and Ecoa to support Symbiomics in the development of next-generation biological solutions for agriculture

December 14, 2023 (Florianópolis, SC, Brazil)

The Yield Lab Latam has just announced its 21st investment in Latin America. Considering the rapid growth in the biologicals market worldwide, this is the fund’s first investment in biotech in Brazil, the country which has experienced the highest growth and use of this type of technology. The supported company is Symbiomics, a Brazilian biotechnology startup developing sustainable and high-performance solutions for agribusiness.

Investments in this sector have been increasingly relevant. The biological products market for agriculture is experiencing significant growth, pushed by an increasing demand for sustainable agricultural practices. According to CropLife Brasil and S&P Global studies, the bioproducts market for agriculture will reach R$ 17 billion by 2030. However, the available range of products today is predominantly first generation, with technologies and microbial characteristics quite similar to each other. Meanwhile, a next wave of innovation is expected, with products integrating new microorganisms and new advances in genetics and data analysis, especially through the use of artificial intelligence. The Yield Lab, by investing in Symbiomics, is betting on this promising future, promoting the company position as a protagonist in the bioinputs market transformation.

Founded in 2021 by Rafael de Souza and Jader Armanhi, the biotech startup builds next-generation disruptive technologies, based on natural microorganisms belonging to Brazilian biomes, prospected by the company during expeditions across the country. “Our R&D department works with the most advanced technology available in the market in genomics, microbiome and data analysis, developing solutions in plant nutrition, biocontrol and biostimulants, used to increase agricultural productivity with the lowest environmental impact”, says COO Jader Armanhi.

Recently, Symbiomics entered into a global partnership to develop technologies for biological products with Stoller do Brasil, a Corteva Agriscience group company, which supports producers with more efficient and higher productivity plants. The biologicals market is one with the fastest growing in agriculture with projections indicating the segment may reach US$ 18.5 billion in revenue globally by 2026.

The Yield Lab Latam (TYLL) has extensive experience in Latin America investing in early-stage high potential startups established in the region and facing multiple challenges in the agri-food industry. TYLL has already invested in more than 20 AgriFoodTech startups portfolios in this area and, over the last six years, has built a relevant map of 1,900 companies focused on the sector.

“We are super excited to partner up with Symbiomics and such a relevant line up of co-investors, with a clear view on how we can add value to the company leveraging our local, regional and global networks and helping them scale their business and impact. The company is doing amazing work towards biodiversity characterization of critical Brazilian biomes that would lead to conservation efforts and on the other hand developing a new generation of biologicals for different purposes that aids in the transition to a more sustainable food production, from the most exciting market in the world for this industry: Brazil”, said Camila Petignat, partner of The Yield Lab Latam.

Symbiomics is also part of the Vesper Ventures portfolio, a venture builder fund focused on advanced biotechnology in agriculture and healthcare. The new investment – together with the already invested amounts by Vesper itself (in pre-seed), MOV Investimentos, Baraúna Investimentos and Ecoa Capital – will be applied in R&D to boost the startup’s pipeline. “TYLL’s entry represents much more than just a financial investment. It is a relevant partnership with a global fund connecting us with the entire AgriFoodTech ecosystem, allowing new business opportunities and opening paths for the company’s internationalization”, concludes the biotech’s CEO, Rafael de Souza.


Symbiomics is a biotechnology startup. Founded in 2021, its goal is to globally transform agriculture with next-generation biological products. The company develops high-performance solutions to increase agricultural productivity sustainably, with less environmental impact. The products contain microorganisms used for multiple applications such as plant nutrition, biocontrol, carbon sequestration, and biostimulants. The company’s Research & Development department works with cutting-edge advancements in genomics, microbiomes, and data analysis to enhance agricultural crop productivity through various means such as biofertilization, increasing resilience to environmental stress, and biological control. Learn more at: Follow the startup at:


The Yield Lab Latam is the AgriFoodTech venture capital manager with the largest presence and experience across Latin America. Founded in 2017, it is made up of teams working across the entire spectrum of innovation in food and agriculture, from farm to table. Invests in high-potential early-stage startups based in Latin America that face the multiple challenges presented by the agri-food industry. The Yield Lab Latam generates support programs for portfolio companies, from governance, talent, commercial strategy, escalation, fundraising, among others.


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