Solon Cordeiro de Araujo is the new member of Symbiomics’ Advisory Board

March 9, 2022 (Campinas, SP, Brazil)

The researcher and agronomist Solon Cordeiro de Araujo is the new member of the Symbiomics’ Advisory Board, a startup that developsnext-generation biological products for agriculture. Araujo is one of the greatest pioneers in the development of inoculants in Brazil, contributing to the dissemination of the Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF) in crop plants such as soybean. The ex-president and current consultant of the Brazil National Association of Inoculant Producers and Importers (ANPII), Araujo has more than 50 years of experience in research, production, and sales of biological products. Having participated in the creation and launch of the first inoculants in the country, he now joins Symbiomics for the development of a new generation of this technology.

The startup uses state-of-the-art knowledge and tools in the field of genomics and bioinformatics to build synthetic microbial communities that have beneficial effects for agricultural crops, such as drought tolerance and a more efficient nutrient acquisition. This is possible due to the latest advances in understanding plant–microorganism interactions and the wide range of benefits these organisms could provide. This knowledge, however, has not generated many products for application in the field. Symbiomics seeks to change this scenario.

“I had already been following and noticing these new movements and tools, such as the ‘omics’. It is a fantastic opportunity to participate in the beginning of this new phase of agricultural microbiology in Brazil”, says Araujo.

The researcher points out that this is a new way of thinking about these technologies, in which microorganisms and the roles they play are seen as part of an agroecosystem and no longer isolated.

Solon joins other great scientists and managers who are already on the startup’s board, such as Gerhard Bohne, former CEO of Bayer Crop Science Brazil, agricultural research division of Bayer, and Paulo Arruda, researcher at Unicamp (University of Campinas) and coordinator of several research projects in the field of biotechnology, having been co-founder and Scientific Director of Alellyx Applied Genomics, a pioneering Brazilian biotechnology company in applied plant genomics, founded in 2003.

“Solon has extensive expertise in the inoculant market, accumulating experience in several areas of the sector, from research and development to production and marketing. We are extremely pleased with his presence in our team. His background and contributions will be crucial for the direction of Symbiomics as a company”, adds Jader Armanhi, co-founder of the company.

The announcement of Solon Cordeiro de Araujo to Symbiomics’ Advisory Board reinforces the company’s commitment to becoming a worldwide reference in the market of the biological products, developing innovative products and technologies.



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