Rafaela Martins

SYMBIOMICS - Team - Rafaela Martins

Rafaela Martins has a master’s degree in Health Biosciences and Biotechnology in the area of Basic and Applied Cellular and Molecular Biology from the Institute Aggeu Magalhães (IAM/Fiocruz) and Biomedical from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). During her academic career, she has worked in the characterization of proteins, using multiple methods of molecular biology. During graduation, she developed tools for protein expression and evaluation, as well as antibody production based on techniques such as mutagenesis, gene cloning, protein induction and expression. In her master’s degree, she evaluated the protein expression profile using tools and techniques previously developed aiming to evaluate post-translational modifications and to compare the expression of isoforms of translation initiation proteins.

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