Tauane Brito

SYMBIOMICS - Team - Tauane Brito

Tauane is an Agricultural Engineer graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR), with master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Agronomy from the Western Paraná State University (Unioeste), specialist in Plant Physiology and Agricultural Microbiology. Her research focuses on the anatomical, physiological, and biochemical modulations in corn and other crops when inoculated with different beneficial microorganisms. She has experience as a researcher in the field of plant physiology, working with crops such as soybean, corn, rice, and wheat, and has conducted training sessions on the function, positioning, and management of nutritional and biological products. Tauane also has expertise in the isolation, maintenance, and inoculation of agronomically relevant microorganisms, as well as in the implementation, execution, and evaluation of in vivo trials.

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